Inspect Your Car Brakes Before Getting a Pre-Sale Inspection

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One of the important things that you should do before selling your vehicle is get a professional roadworthy inspection. If there are any minor faults, you can get them fixed before putting the item on the market. Note that if you try to sell a vehicle with multiple faulty parts, the buyer will have a bargaining advantage. To ensure that you get a good price for the car and sell it quickly, one of the areas that you should address is the car's braking system.

27 July 2018

What to Avoid When Buying Auto Parts for a Vehicle Repair

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Repairing your vehicle can be very expensive, which is why it's good to ensure you invest in quality parts for each and every repair job. Not only do you want to avoid wasting money on low-quality parts that won't last, but investing in quality parts will also mean fewer repairs will be needed for your vehicle over time. Note a few mistakes to avoid when buying car, truck, or Jeep auto parts.

26 July 2018

Crunching Those Gears? Why It Could Be a Faulty Synchromesh

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Do you enjoy driving a car with a manual gearbox? Many people love the greater amount of control they seem to have. Yet you may have noticed some issues recently. For example, maybe you're not able to engage gears as smoothly as normal. For some reason, they seem to crunch together when you shift instead of engaging smoothly. What could be the cause of these gearbox issues? Making Your Life Easier

24 July 2018

Why You May Need More Driver Education to Help Preserve Your Car

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Can you remember those driving lessons before you became the proud owner of a licence? If you're like many people, it may have been some time ago and this tuition may have faded into oblivion. However, some people think that many of these "rules" were academic anyway and have long since abandoned them as part of their daily routine. Yet while those "Drive Safe" booklets were primarily designed to avoid anarchy on the roads, some of the rules could help you to prolong the life of your car, by avoiding unnecessary wear and tear.

20 July 2018

How to Diagnose a Problem with Your Car's Window Winder

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As you may know, the modern-day car is built for easy operation. Virtually every creature comfort known to man is incorporated to help the manufacturers market and sell their products. However, with this ingenuity can come additional problems. For example, you may have encountered an issue with an automatic window winder and long for the day when this was simply a manual operation. You still need to solve the problem though, so where should you start looking?

18 July 2018

Choosing The Right New Car For Towing Your Yacht Or Motorboat

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Piloting your own yacht or speedboat can be a thrilling way to navigate rushing rivers and ocean waves. However, transporting your craft over land can be decidedly less exciting, especially if you are towing your watercraft with a vehicle that simply isn't up to the task. Any boat owner who regularly tows their boat to launching points and moorings should take special care when purchasing or leasing a new car to ensure that their new set of wheels is up to the unique demands of boat towing.

12 July 2018