Why You Need to Choose Your Trolley Wheels Carefully


A large medical facility relies on a fleet of trolleys to move people and equipment from one point to another. You may be responsible for commissioning these trolleys in your operation and need to make sure that you configure them very carefully, so that they are always fit for work. While these trolleys will come in all shapes and sizes, they will typically feature one component that is commonplace – castor wheels. Yet these are very complex pieces themselves and you have to choose the right type for your situation. If you don't, you could encounter an issue known as "flutter." What is this?

Precision Wheels

A castor wheel is able to move in a variety of different directions depending on the load encountered and the intended activity. They will need to work with speed in some situations and with precision in others, depending on manoeuvrability.

Unwanted Risk

If they're not configured properly, however, they will experience castor flutter which will create a lot of unwanted noise, a big issue in a medical facility. They may not be able to handle their load properly either and this could lead to loss of control, which is also a nightmare situation in this type of place. This may not only lead to legal liability claims, but when these wheels start to break it can adversely affect your equipment ROI.

What's Going Wrong?

As each wheel is exposed to different pressures, the force of gravity and the friction of movement it can deform to an extent before rebounding when the load is removed. A certain amount of this can be expected but sometimes this rhythm will be interrupted, and the wheel will start to move rapidly back and forth. Essentially, it is being overloaded and is reacting to an unwelcome force.

How the Issue Is Addressed

Engineers understand that this risk may materialise and have designed different types of castor wheel for each operation. Additional layers of lubricating grease may be added to dampen these opposing forces, or the wheels can be adjusted so that they have more tolerance.

As there are so many different applications for this type of trolley in a medical environment, it's crucial to configure everything properly and then reserve each trolley for its specific task and nothing else.

Careful Ordering

So, you have some additional questions to ask your supplier before you place the order for new equipment. Ensure that you ask them about castor flutter, so that your staff never encounter it in a challenging situation at work.


20 July 2018

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