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This article looks at 3 signs that could indicate a problem with your handbrake cable. Read on to discover more!

1. You feel it dragging when you pull up your parking brake.

This symptom indicates that there is not enough tension on the cable itself to keep the mechanism retracted. It can be either because of a loose line or a break in the cable. To resolve this issue, we recommend having your mechanic check for reduced slack or breaks in the cable and properly adjust it if needed. The required adjustments depend on how much effort (measured by force) you need to apply to get it to hold.

2. Your parking brake only works on one side of the car.

This is an indication that your left or right handbrake cable has snapped. When the cables break, they will not retract, so you cannot let go of them to use your foot brakes. Therefore, once you have set it with your handbrake, you are stuck on that side until somebody comes along to help release the cable on either side of the car so you can drive it to a mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

3. A grinding noise becomes noticeable when you pull up your parking brake

If this is happening, then there is probably something keeping your cable from returning back into place automatically after being released. To determine the cause of this noise, you need to work out whether it is happening more towards the front or back of your car. If it's coming from the front of your car, then there might be some dirt that has gotten onto your handbrake mechanism (just like when you put on your brakes and hear a squeaking sound). This can be remedied by having your brake pads replaced.

If the problem comes from the back of your car, then you probably have something stuck in between one of the levers on either side. This means that once the parking brake is released, it doesn't go back into place properly because one side keeps the brake pad outstretched. You'll want to check all 4 ways these cables interact with the mechanism to see if there are any sticks, nails or other objects that might keep it from retracting.

If you have any questions about these signs or want someone to look at your handbrake cable, give your local auto repair shop a call.


17 January 2022

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