How to Tell It Is Time for Truck Wheel Alignment Service

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Whether you are a truck owner-operator or manage a large fleet of commercial trucks, getting your vehicles serviced on schedule will help maximise the performance and lifespan of the vehicles. 

One of the key truck maintenance services you will need to perform regularly is wheel alignment. Truck wheel alignment is a type of vehicle maintenance service that is intended to adjust the angles to the wheels of a truck to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

While your truck manufacturer may suggest a specific time or mileage interval for getting wheel alignment service done, your trucks' wheels may sometimes need to get aligned ahead of schedule. 

Here are some trouble signs to look out for to know it is time for truck wheel alignment service.

Your truck veers in one direction

One of the ways to know if your truck wheels have been thrown out of alignment is to observe how the vehicle moves under normal steering conditions. A light grip on the steering wheel should keep your truck going straight.

If your vehicle drifts or pulls to the left or right side when you're driving down a straight, level road and you have to put a little pressure on the steering wheel with both hands to keep the vehicle moving straight, you probably have a wheel alignment problem. 

You spot abnormal tyre wear

Commercial trucks cover a lot of distance, and it is the tyres that take the brunt of this because they are the primary point of contact between vehicles and the road surface.

Improper wheel alignment causes improper tyre-road interaction, which will result in abnormal tyre wear. The tyre tread is the only portion of your tyres that should wear out due to tyre-road friction. If you spot signs of wear in other sections of your tyres, then it is likely that your wheels need to get aligned.

Quality truck tyres don't come cheap, so it's best to extend the life of your existing tyres by getting wheel alignment service done on your vehicle at the earliest signs of trouble. 

You feel steering wheel vibrations

Your truck's steering wheel isn't supposed to shake while driving. If you have a shaky steering wheel, this is an indication that the vehicle's wheels may need to be realigned. In worst-case scenarios, this problem can cause the entire vehicle to shake, reducing its riding comfort.

If you notice these or other signs that your truck wheels are improperly aligned, visit a local car mechanic that performs wheel alignment service on trucks.


16 April 2021

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