The Telltale Signs You Need Car Servicing Now

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Car servicing is not just about fulfilling a necessary duty; it's about extending your vehicle's lifespan and maintaining your safety on the road. Recognising the signs that your car needs servicing is vital in avoiding serious damage and costly repairs. Here are some key telltale signs that your vehicle needs some TLC.

Warning Lights Illuminate

Modern cars are equipped with sophisticated systems that monitor the vehicle's health. If there's a problem, your car will tell you through the dashboard warning lights. Engine lights, oil lights and other indicator lights are not there for decoration. If they light up, it's your car's way of telling you that there's an issue that needs to be addressed.

Noisy Brakes or Steering

Have your brakes started to squeal, or does your steering wheel make a grinding noise? These sounds could be indicating a variety of issues, from worn brake pads to power steering problems. Don't ignore these sounds; get your vehicle to a car servicing professional as soon as possible.

Smoke or Steam from Under the Bonnet

Seeing smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet is a clear sign something is wrong. Steam usually indicates a problem with the cooling system, while smoke could suggest engine issues. Either way, it's best not to risk it. Get your car serviced immediately.

Leaks Under Your Vehicle

Puddles under your car aren't a good sign. Whether it's oil, coolant, brake fluid or transmission fluid, any leak can lead to serious damage if left unchecked. Regular checks under your vehicle can help you spot these leaks before they become a major problem.

Strange Vibrations or Shaking

While driving, if you notice vibrations or shaking that wasn't there before, it's a good indication something isn't right. It could be a problem with your tyres, brakes, suspension or even the engine. This isn't something to ignore, as it could affect the vehicle's safety.

Reduction in Fuel Efficiency

A sudden drop in your vehicle's fuel efficiency is another sign that it's time for a car service. It could be due to various reasons such as tyre pressure issues, brake dragging or engine problems. Regular servicing can identify these issues early, saving you from an unexpected fuel bill.

Vehicle Doesn't Start Easily

If your car is having trouble starting, it's time for a service. This could be a sign of a weak battery, a problem with the ignition system or a fuel system issue. Whatever the cause, it's essential to get it checked out.

Don't Wait to Get Serviced 

Regular car servicing is an investment in your vehicle's longevity and your safety. Keeping an eye out for these telltale signs and taking timely action can save you from costly repairs in the long run. Your vehicle is an essential part of your daily life, and it deserves to be treated with care. Don't wait for these signs to show up. Make regular vehicle servicing a priority so you'll never have to deal with an emergency. 

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8 June 2023

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