What to Do If Your Car's Heater Blows Cold

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Many foreigners think that Australian locals bask in year-round heat when they live down under, but it can get surprisingly cold in the south of the country when the seasons begin to change. If you've been surprised by the weather conditions first thing in the morning and have been trying to activate the heater in your car but to no avail, there are ways to troubleshoot the issue. How can you diagnose any problems here, so that you can enjoy your morning drive?

Water Regulation

You may not be aware, but your car actually has two different radiators and they are designed for completely different purposes. The large unit fitted at the front of the car has to cool down water that's recirculated from the engine so that the motor does not overheat and fail. However, there is an additional radiator that is positioned in between the back of the engine and the passenger compartment and this is your heater matrix.


In order to keep the engine cool and the interior warm, your car relies on a fairly simple component known as a thermostat. This is typically either in the on or off position and will divert hot water (in this case) to your heater matrix, to provide you with relief. In older cars, the thermostat can be completely mechanical and is activated by the temperature of the water at the inlet valves, but in more modern cars a signal can be sent from the ECU to activate it accordingly.


The system will also require a sufficient amount of water if it is to work effectively and this should be your first checkpoint. Add the right solution to the expansion chamber if need be, but while the bonnet is open, make sure you look at the main radiator for signs of any leakage. In particular, have a look at the rubber hoses that connect the main components to make sure that they are still fit securely or to see if they have sprung a leak at all.


Sometimes, a foreign object can get stuck in the air intake at the back of the dashboard; in particular, leaves may be sucked up from the roadway when the blower is activated. If you live in an area where the leaves have recently fallen, then you should definitely check this, just in case.

Still Struggling?

If you cannot see what's wrong and have exhausted all these possibilities, then you need to talk with a mechanic for further advice on how to proceed with your auto mechanical repair.


20 August 2018

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