How to Deal with Illegally Parked Cars on Your Property

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While Australia may be a sparsely populated country by landmass, you'd never think so if you live or work in the middle of one of its biggest cities. It seems that every member of the population is driving a car and are all looking for somewhere to park as they go about their daily lives. As the owner of a commercial property with a parking solution, you may find this to be an ongoing challenge as people simply don't pay attention to any warning signs and want to park wherever it suits them. How can you address this growing problem, so that you reserve parking on your property for customers or prospects only?

Moving off the Streets

The law can sometimes be confusing as it relates to parking restrictions. Of course, the government is very clear about public rights of way and no-parking zones are identified very well, so it won't take long for you to run into trouble if you choose to ignore those government instructions.

Private Property Doesn't Count? 

However, people seem to take another view entirely when they enter a private property. They may know that this area is reserved for business clients or employees but believe that they can get away with it, as the law is not that well defined.

Getting Rid of Offenders

You need to come up with a solution that allows you to legally remove vehicles that flout your restrictions and the best way to do this is to talk with a local towing service. They can often attend your property at short notice to deal with an offender, or in some cases can patrol the area out of hours to keep an eye on everything for you.

Erecting Signs

You will need to post notices within your property that clearly identify your use of the towing service and tell people what will happen if they ignore this guidance. You should include the name of the towing company and its contact number so that people can get in touch when they return to an empty space. Otherwise, they may think that the car has been stolen and this could take up valuable police time for no reason.

Should You Do This Yourself?

Some property owners may choose to take matters into their own hands directly and try to clamp the wheel of an offending car. However, it's better to delegate this problem to an organisation with experience instead. Once people begin to understand that you are serious about this matter, they may eventually bypass your property altogether.


27 July 2018

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